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Recent publications

Chantzi, S., Papanastasiou E., Athanasopoulou C., Molyvda-Athanasopoulou E., Bamidis P., & Siountas A. (2020).  Design of a Monte Carlo model based on dual-source computed tomography (DSCT) scanners for dose and image quality assessment using the Monte Carlo N-Particle (MCNP5) codeAbstract. Polish Journal of Medical Physics and Engineering. 26(1), 11 - 20.
Gaveikaite, V., Grundstrom C., Lourida K., Winter S., Priori R., Chouvarda I., et al. (2020).  Developing a strategic understanding of telehealth service adoption for COPD care management: A causal loop analysis of healthcare professionals. (Leroyer, C., Ed.).PLOS ONE. 15(3), e0229619.
Korvesi, V. M., Chouvarda I., Mastorakos G., & Goulis D. G. (2020).  Implementation of the Endocrine Society clinical practice guidelines for gestational diabetes mellitus to a knowledge tool. European Journal of Clinical Investigation. 00:e13291,
Borg, J., Phylactides M., Bartsakoulia M., Tafrali C., Lederer C., Felice A. E., et al. (2012).  KLF10 gene expression is associated with high fetal hemoglobin levels and with response to hydroxyurea treatment in β-hemoglobinopathy patients.. Pharmacogenomics. 13(13), 1487-500.
Georgitsi, M., Viennas E., Gkantouna V., Christodoulopoulou E., Zagoriti Z., Tafrali C., et al. (2011).  Population-specific documentation of pharmacogenomic markers and their allelic frequencies in FINDbase.. Pharmacogenomics. 12(1), 49-58.


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