2nd International Conference on Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever


International Society on CCHF was created (see at the end of the page)


10-12 September 2017

Makedonia Palace hotel, Thessaloniki, Greece  

Under the auspices of the Medical School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 


Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I’m pleased to invite you to the 2nd International Conference on Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, which will be held at the Makedonia Palace Hotel in Thessaloniki, Greece from 10-12 September, 2017.

The conference will give scientists from around the world the chance to exchange information on all aspects of the virus and the disease and report new findings. There will also be the opportunity to compare CCHF with other viral hemorrhagic fevers and discuss common approaches for treatment and prevention.

The city of Thessaloniki has a rich culture, with more than 3000 years of history and many attractive places to visit during your free time.

I encourage you to join us and contribute your knowledge and experience during the 2nd International Conference on CCHF.

Anna Papa, MD PhD
Aristotle University, Thessaloniki



Anna Papa, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR

Dimitris Chatzidimitriou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR

Pantelis Zebekakis , Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR

Simeon Metallidis , Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR


Scientific Committee

Anna Papa, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR

Ali Mirazimi,  Karolinska Institute, National Veterinary Institute and Public Health Agency of Sweden, SE

Mike Bray, Editor-in-chief, Antiviral Research, USA

Heinz Feldmann, National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Hamilton, Montana, USA

Felicity Burt, National Health Laboratory Service and University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, SA

Gulay Korukluoglu, Public Health Institutions of Turkey, Ankara, TR

Friedemann Weber, Institute for Virology, Gießen, DE



Registration is now open.

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Registration fees*

1. Professional Registration      200.00 EUR

2. Post-Doc registration            150.00 EUR

3. Student Registration             100.00 EUR

Registration includes conference material, coffee breaks, buffet reception (on 10 Sept. 2017) and lunch (on 11 September 2017).

*After June 30, 2017, a late fee of 50 Euros will be added to the registration fees.


Pre-conference trip: Sunday, September 10, 2017 (optional)

Trip to Vergina (75 km west from Thessaloniki) and visit the Archaeological Museum (Royal Tombs). Time: 07.30-12.30. Bus transfer costs 25 Euros; payment as above (by bank transfer or credit card). Admission tickets (12 Euros; for persons >60 years: 6 Euros) will be purchaced at the entrance of the Museum.

Meeting point at the reception of Makedonia Palace Hotel. Departure time: 07.30. Please, try to be on time!


Gala Dinner (optional):

A Gala Dinner with buffet and music is planned at 20.30 on Monday September 11, 2017. It costs 40 Euros per person.


All Payments [registration fee (according to the table), trip to Vergina (25 Euros), dinner (40 Euros)] can be made by:

Bank Transfer

All registration fees should be paid in advance in EUR and made out to ELKE AUTH, mentioning 2nd Int. Conf. CCHF. Please do not forget to indicate your first and last name on the payment.

Account Holder: Eidikos Logariasmos Kondilion Erevnas A.P.TH

IBAN: GR 98 0172 2020 0052 0200 2079 933

Account Number: 5202-002079-933


Reference: 2nd Int. Conf. CCHF


OR credit card

Please do not forget to indicate your first and last name on the payment, and the Reference: 2nd Int. Conf. CCHF


Letter of Confirmation / Payment Receipt

A letter of confirmation will be sent by e-mail once the Congress Secretariat has received the fully completed Registration Form and the related payment(s).

Please, bring this confirmation to the Congress venue in order to receive your Congress name badge and the payment receipt.



Abstract submission

For Abstract submission, please, use Arial font size 10. The title has to be in capital letters and the abstract no longer than 250 words. The full first name, surname and affiliation of all authors should be mentioned.

Please, submit your abstracts through e-mail to ccconf@med.auth.gr indicating whether you prefer oral or poster presentation and the topic which fits best (epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical, diagnostics, prevention, treatment).

The deadline for the abstract submission is 10 June 2017. Abstract submission ended.


Program at a glance


Sunday, September 10, 2017


Registration and set up of Posters






Coffee break and poster viewing




Social lecture: Aristotle’s view on Life


Reception (buffet at Makedonia Palace hotel)

Monday, September 11, 2017





CCHF Society

Coffee break and poster viewing




Discussion on CCHFV Taxonomy


Lunch and poster viewing




Coffee break and poster viewing




Gala dinner with music (optional)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017




Coffee break and poster viewing






Conclusions and Farewell


Accommodation options

1. Makedonia Palace hotel (place of the Conference) hold a reserved contingent of limited rooms at special rates.  Please, visit:


and quote the special conference booking code "AUTHESS" when booking so that you may benefit from the special conference rates.

2.  ABC Hotel (http://www.hotelabc.gr/)

For 8 and 9 September 2017

75€ for single room, 88 € for double room

For 10 and 11 September 2017

68€ for single room, 80 € for double room

All prices include buffet breakfast.

Please, send e-mail (info@hotelabc.gr) or fax (+30-2310-276542) and quote the special conference booking code "AUTHESS" when booking so that you may benefit from the special conference rates.

There are several hotels in Thessaloniki. We recommend you to book early your accommodation since the International Fair is taking place at the same time.

Please, note that attendees are responsible for their own hotel reservations and costs.



Sunday September 10, 2017


                        12.00-13.00            Registration and set-up of posters

                        13.00-13.30             Welcome to Thessaloniki

                                                      Anna Papa

                                                      Welcome address from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

                                                       Prof. Pericles Mitkas, Rector of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

                                                       Prof. Giorgos Karakioulakis, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences

                                                       Prof. Alexandros Garyfallos, Head of the Medical School




Chairpersons: Anna Papa, Gülay Korukluoğlu


                           13.30-13.50     CCHF in Turkey

                                                   Gülay Korukluoğlu

                           13.50-14.10     Epidemiology of CCHF in India

                                                  Pragya Yadav

                           14.10-14.30     Changing epidemiology of CCHF in Pakistan

                                                  Bushra Jamil Ali

                           14.30-14.45     CCHF in Bulgaria

                                                  Iva Christova

                           14.45-15.00     CCHFV in Spain

                            Maria Paz Sanchez-Seco Farinas, A.I. Negrado Anton, E.R.  de Arellano,

                             F. Lasala, A. Estrada, M.A. Habela

                           15.00-15.15     CCHF in Mongolia

                            M.A. Voorhees, S.L. Padilla, D. Jamsransuren, J.W. Koehler, K. Delp,

                            D. Adiyadorj, U. Baasandagwa, B. Jigjav, T.D. Minogue, Randal J. Schoepp

                          15.15-15.30     CCHF in Georgia

                           N. Mamuchishvili, K. Zakhashvili, Giorgi Chakhunashvili, P. Imnadze,

                           M. Keshtkar-Jahromi, D. Pecor, R. Rivard

                         15.30-15.45     Epidemiological study of CCHF in Tunesia

                          F. Wasfi, S. Dowall, C. Najar, T.l Ben Slimane, T. Ghabbari, A. Bosworth,

                          M.  Chakroun, A. Varghese, H. Tiouiri, M. Ben Jemaa, A. Znazen,

                          R. Hewson, A. Letaief, M. Petretto, Elyas Zhioua

15.45-15.55      Risk-based model for the forcast of the epidemiological  situation

                           of CCHF in the Russian Federation (a study of the Stavropol region)

                          Vlandimir Dubyanskiy, O. Maletskaya, D. Prislegina, A. Kulichenko

                        15.55-16.05     Molecular epidemiology of CCHF in Russia

                                     A. Volynkina, E. Kotenev, Y. Lisitskaya, Olga Maletskaya, A. Kulichenko

                        16.05-16.20     CCHF in Western Asia: current situation demonstrates a need

                                                  for more robust surveillance

                         Maryam Keshtkar-Jahromi, A. Buffum, M.G. Kortepeter, D. Pecor,

                         D.A. Apanaskevich, S. Mate, Jens H. Kuhn, G. Palacios


                       16.20-16.45     Coffee break and poster viewing



Chairpersons: Agustín Estrada-Peña, Dennis Bente


16.45-17.15    The role of ticks in the maintenance and transmission of CCHFV

                                              Agustín Estrada-Peña, ES

                        17.15-17.45     CCHFV tick research in maximum biocontainment: challenges

                                                  and current  findings

                         Dennis Bente, USA

17.45-18.00     Detection of AP92-related CCHFV strains in field-collected ticks

                          from Meditterramean and Eastern Anatolia

                         E. Dinçer, O. Hekimoğlu, Sabri Hacıoğlu, K. Földes, Z. Karapınar, P.F. Polat,

                         B. Oğuz, Ö.O. Kılınç, A. Özkul, K. Ergünay

                        18.00-18.15     Isolation and next generation sequencing of an AP92-like CCHFV

                                                   strain in Greece 

                                                Αnna Papa, E. Papadopoulou, Κ. Tsioka, Α. Kontana, A. Melidou, Ε. Gavana,

                                                Ν. Giadinis


SOCIAL lecture

Chairpersons: Pantelis Zembekakis, Simeon Metallidis

                     18.30-19.00     Aristotle’s view oF Life

                                            Zacharias Skouras, GR


                      19.15              Reception (buffet at Makedonia Palace hotel)


Monday September 11, 2017



Chairpersons: Martin Groschup, Aykut Ozkul


                        08.15-08.45     Assaying animals to reveal CCHFV infection risks

                                               Martin Groschup, DE

08.45-09.00     Role of wild birds and domestic ruminants in local

                          CCHFV epidemiology in Turkey

                                    Sabri Hacioglu, E. Ozan, K. Ergunay, A. Ozkul



                       09.00-10.00     Aims and scope, By-laws, Elections


                       10.00-10.30     Coffee break and poster viewing



Chairpersons: Friedemann Weber, Stuart Nichol

                        10.30-11.00     A reverse genetics toolkit to gain insights into CCHFV pathogenicity

                                                  and for the generation of vaccine candidates

                           Eric Bergeron, USA

11.00-11.15    Complex interplay between CCHFV ovarian tumor (OTU)

                          domain and innate immunre response

                                    Stéphanie Devignot, Friedemann Weber

11.15-11.30     The CCHFV-encoded deubiquitinase suppresses  the innate

                           immune response during viral infection

                         Florine E.M. Scholte, J.V. Dzimianski, J.R. Spengler, S.R. Welch, M. Zivcec,

                         M. Deaton, S.D. Pegan, S.T. Nichol, C.F. Spiropoulou,  Éric Bergeron

11.30-11.45     Preference of CCHFV and Other Nairovirus vOTUs for Interferon-

                          Stimulated Gene Product 15 Originating from Certain Species

                          J.V. Dzimianski, M.K. Deaton, O. Goodwin, F. Scholte, E. Bergeron,

                          Scott D. Pegan


Panel Discussion on CCHFV taxonomic classification

Chairperson: Gustavo Palacios

                        11.45-12.00     Introduction

                                               Gustavo Palacios, CCHFV Community Working Group, USA

                        12.00-12.45     Presentations from expert groups - Discussion


                        12.45-14.00     Lunch



Chairpersons: Ali Mirazimi, Jessica Spengler


                        14.00-14.30     Current knowledge of pathogenesis of CCHF

                                                Ali Mirazimi, SE

                         14.30-15.00    Efforts to develop laboratory animal models of CCHF:

                                                   history and current status

                                                Jessica Spengler, USA

                        15.00-15.30     CCHF Animal modeling (mouse & nonhuman primate)

                         Elaine Haddock, Heinz Feldmann, USA

15.30-15.45     An in vitro assay to study the molecular pathogenesis

                          of CCHF

                                    Vanessa Monteil, C. Salata, C. Andersson, A. Mirazimi

15.45-16.00     Evaluation of the biological effects of mutation of the CCHFV

                          nucleocapsid DEVD domain on viral replication

                        Cristiano Salata, V. Monteil, H. Karlberg, L. Bell-Sakyi, É. Bergeron,

                         A. Mirazimi

16.00-16.15     Antibody blockade Of type I interferon signaling for the study

                          of CCHF in mice

                        Joseph W. Golden, Michael E. Lindquist, Xiankun Zeng, Charles Shoemaker,

                         Sharon P. Daye, Jeff Koehler, Aura Garrison


                        16.15-16.45     Coffee break and poster viewing



Chairpersons: Bushra Jamil Ali, Felicity Burt

                         16.45-17.15     Clinical Course of CCHF

                                                 Meltem Arzu Yetkin, TR

                         17.15-17.30     CCHF in Bahawalpur: outbreak investigation and response

                                                 Kashif Aziz, PK

                         17.30-17.45     CCHF in Kosovo from 1989-2016

                          Salih Ahmeti, I. Dedushaj, P. Emmerich, B. Halili, X. Jakupi, K. Sherifi,

                           L. Ajazaj-Berisha

                         17.45-18.00     Novel CCHF molecular diagnostics

                          L.C. Bonney, Robert J. Watson, B. Afrough, M. Mullojonova, F. Tishkova,

                          R. Hewson

18.00-18.30     Challenge in development, verification and validation of an IVD-CE

                          marked assay for the detection of a neglected disease

                                                  Markus Heß, altona Diagnostics GmbH


                          20.30               Gala dinner with music (fee 40 Euros)



Tuesday, September 12, 2017



Chairpersons: Nikki Shindo, Tom Fletcher


08.30-08.50     Clinical aspects of CCHF – Current knowledge and practice

                         Tom Fletcher, UK

08.50-09.00     Overview of WHO guidelines development for the clinical

                           management of CCHF

                                                Nikki Shindo, WHO

09.00-09.20    CCHF: an unexpected event in Spain

                                   Marta Mora-Rillo (ES)

09.20-09.40     Efficacy of favipiravir in the treatment of severe fever

                          with thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS) in animal model

                          and the clinical study on the favipiravir treatment for patients

                          with SFTS

                                               Masayuki Saijo, T. Azuma, H. Tani, A. Yamanaka, D. Himeji, M. Kawamura,

                                               K. Suemori, T. Haku, H. Ohge, T. Taniguchi, O. Imataki, N. Kadowaki,

                                               M. Shimojima, T. Yoshikawa, T. Kurosu, S. Fukushi, S. Kohno, Y. Furuta, 

                                               M. Yasukawa

09.40-09.50     Development of a reporter CCHFV for high-throughput screening

                          of antiviral compounds

                         Stephen R. Welch, F.E.M. Scholte, M. Flint, P. Chatterjee, S.T. Nichol,

                         E. Bergeron, C.F. Spiropoulou

09.50-10.00     Identification of cross-neutralizing monoclonal antibodies against


                         Marko Zivcec, L.W. Guerrero, C.G. Albariño, É. Bergeron, S.T. Nichol,

                         C.F. Spiropoulou

                       10.00-10.15     Discussion


                       10.15-10.45     Coffee break and poster viewing



Chairpersons: Connie Schmaljohn, Roger Hewson


                        10.45-11.15     CCHFV: a growing threat

                                                Roger Hewson, UK

11.15-11.30    Antibody responses are required for protective adenovirus

                         vaccination from CCHFV challenge in a lethal disease model

                        Marko Zivcec, D. Safronetz, D.P. Scott, S. Robertson, H. Feldmann

11.30-11.45    An M-segment-targeting DNA-based vaccine protects against CCHF

                         in two lethal mouse models    

                       Aura R. Garrison, C.J. Shoemaker, C.J. Fitzpatrick, J.J. Suschak, M.J. Richards,

                       C.V. Badger, C.M. Six, J.D. Martin, D. Hannaman, M. Zivcec, E. Bergeron,

                       J.W. Koehler, J. W. Golden, C.S. Schmaljohn

11.45-12.00     In vitro expression of CCHFV surface glycoprotein GC via a plasmid

                          vector generated as DNA based vaccine

                         Ergin Sahin, A. Coleri, A. Ozkul



Chairpersons: Pierre Formenty, Mike Bray


                          12.00-12.30     CCHF R&D blueprint Roadmap Vision

                                      Pierre Formenty, WHO

 12.30-13.30       Open Discussion of future research, priorities, immediate needs


                        13.30                  Conclusions and Farewell    




1. Evaluation of timelines of outbreak detection and response of CCHF and HFRS in Albania and Southeast European Region

Sylvia Bino, Eugena Tomini, Majlinda Kota, Enkelejda Dikolli, Jonilda Sulo, Kujtim Mersini, Najada Como

2. Detection of two CCHFV genetic lineages in ticks, Albania

A. Papa, E. Velo, P. Kadiaj, Katerina Tsioka, A. Kontana, M. Kota, S. Bino

3. Evaluation of the CCHF results analyzed in Public Health Laboratories IN TURKEY between 2014 and 2017

Yasemin Cosgun, D. Menemenlioglu, D. Yagci Caglayik, F. Bayrakdar, B.G. Giray, S. Havuz, E. Ozmen, A.K. Sıg, G. Korukluoglu

4. Serological testing for CCHFV in putative “Risk groups” - Austria

Hartwig P.Huemer, A. Deutz, A. Posautz, A. Obwaller, T. Perkmann, W. Pöppl, F. Allerberger

5. First serological evidence of CCHFV in humans in Hungary

Nora Magyar, B. Palyi, A. Nagy, I. Damjanova, M. Takacs, Z. Kis

6. CCHF in Iran and Future Challenges

Hossein Bannazadeh Baghi, M. Aghazadeh, M.A. Oskouee

7. More than one-decade phylogenetic analysis of CCHFV in Iran

Sadegh Chinicar, N. Shahhosseini

8.  CCHF in Iran: an eighteen years review

M. Mardani, Najmeh Namazee

9. Immunological characteristics of non-structural proteins of CCHFV

E. Karaaslan, Mehmet Z. Doumaz

10. Pathogenesis of CCHFV Kosova Hoti in the Cynomoglus macaque model

Elaine Haddock, G. Saturday, H.Feldmann

11. Protein disulphide isomerase re-localization in CCHF infected cells

Olivier Reynard, Laura Cole, Viktor Volchkov

12. Development of a multiplexed immunoassay to detect IgG antibody responses against CCHFV and hantaviruses within Georgia

Catherine Badger, M. Voorhees, N. Mitaishvili, G. Babuadze, G.Chanturia, R. Schoepp, C. Schmaljohn

13. A one-step multiplex real-time RT-PCR for the universal detection of all CCHFV genotypes

Miriam A. Sas, A. Vina-Rodriguez, M. Mertens, S. Abah, M. Eiden, A. Souley, M.H. Groschup

14. Evaluation of CCHFV nucleoprotein as diagnostic tool in ELISA

M. Yazici, N.S. Cetin, Elif Karaaslan, S. Hasanoglu, M.Z. Doymaz, Ali O. Kilic

15. Delineation of CCHFV pathogenicity by the development of a refined serological assay and the use of reverse genetics

Brian L. Hua, V. Biewener, M. Marklewitz, S. Junglen, S.T. Nichol, C.F. Spiropoulou, E. Bergeron

16. Phylogenetic analysis if whole genome  CCHFV strains belonging to lineages Europe 1 and Europe 2

A. Papa, G. Korukluoglu, S. Bino, I. Christova, E. Velo, S. Pappa, A. Melidou

17. Serum level of interferon gamma as a prognostic factor in CCHF

M.  Metanat, N. Arbabi, A. Alenabi, E. Pahlavani, M. Rakhshani, Nahidsepehri-Rad, S. Metanat, Batool Sharifi-Mood,  M. Keshtkar-Jahromi

18. CCHF in pregnancy - the first reported case in Kosova

Salih Ahmeti, L. Ajazaj-Berisha, B. Halili, V. Berisha, A. Shala

19. The Host Response to CCHFV Infection in Cynomolgus Macaques

David Hawman, E. Haddock, J. Prescott, A. Carmody, H. Feldmann

20. Experimental vaccines for CCHF using pseudotyped and replication-deficient recombinant vesicular stomatitis viruses

Sergio E. Rodriguez, R.W. Cross, C.E. Mire, D.A. Bente, T.W. Geisbert


Board of the International Sociey on CCHF





Anna Papa, Greece

Vice President

Ali Mirazimi, Sweden


Roger Hewson, UK



Heinz Feldmann, USA

Christina Spiropoulou, USA

Dennis Bente, USA

Felicity Burt, South Africa

Dexin Li, China

Silvia Bino, Albania

Iva Christova, Bulgaria

Friedemann Weber, Germany

Salih Ahmeti, Kosovo

Olga Maletskaja, Russia

Gulay Korukluoglu, Turkey

Pragya Yadav, India

Mostafa Salehi Vaziri, Iran

Bushra Jamil, Pakistan



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