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The courses of the School of Medicine take place in 11 auditoriums and in several classrooms and laboratories, which are located at the University Campus as well as at the collaborating hospitals.
In the building of New Auditoriums, where the Administration Office is also located, there is the Auditorium A (500 seats capacity), B (300 seats capacity), C (110 seats capacity), E and F (70 seats capacity each).
The School premises accomodate also the Auditorium “Alexandros Savvas”(360 seats capacity).
At the AHEPA University Hospital they are located the Auditorium “Konstantinos Triaridis” and the Auditorium of Neurosciences (250 and 200 seats capacity, respectively). Moreover, at the Hippokration Hospital there are two more Auditoriums in buildings C and D with (200 seats capacity each) and at the Papageorgiou Hospital there is an Auditorium (150 seats capacity).
Furthermore, all Laboratories and Departments have their own classrooms (20-50 seats capacity).
At the year 2018 the former Auditorium D (with 38 seats capacity) was renovated, fully equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and it is now used for the needs of School’s Postgraduate Program.
There is a catalog of all School’s Auditoriums and their availability at the website,


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