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Laboratory of Computing, Medical Informatics and Biomedical - Imaging Technologies

Postgraduate programmes of study: 

Indicative research projects: 

Imaging Technology group: Signal acquisition and image reconstruction methods in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Team leader: Anthony H. Aletras, Professor.
BiOasys group: Biomedical analysis and artificial intelligence in interconnected health technologies and systems medicine. Team leader: Ioanna Chouvarda, Assistant Professor.

Research interests: 

Medical Informatics, biomedical engineering & technology, imaging technologies, electronic health, personalized health, medical physics, biodata processing (signals, image), large scale biodata informatics, biosystems simulation, bioinformatics, healthy and active aging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Medical Decision Support Systems (MDSS), computer science and multimedia in medical education

Main laboratory equipment: 

Non-clinical laboratory, equipment for information and telematics technologies

Lab tests offered: 

Non-clinical laboratory, large-scale biodata management and analysis

Collaborations with Schools of AUTh: 

1st Department of Cardiology, Medical School AUTh, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, AUTh Polytechnic School, Department of Informatics, School of Sciences, AUTh, 2nd Educational Department of Pathology,Medical School AUTh, 2nd Department of Cardiology, Medical School AUTh, 2nd Department of Cardiology,Medical School AUTh, Biochemistry Laboratory, Medical School AUTh

Collaborations with national University Schools: 

Intensive Care Unit, Department of Medicine, Democritus University of Thrace, Laboratory of Medical Physics, Medical School, University of Patras, Laboratory of Digital Systems, University of Piraeus

Collaborations with foreign University Schools: 

ERASMUS University, Lund University, University of Glasgow, Kingston University, Northwestern University, Harvard-MIT, Northeastern University, Johns Hopkins, University of Singapore


Ονοματεπώνυμο Rank Επικοινωνία
Anthony Aletras Professor
Effrosyni Georgiadou Εργαστηριακό Διδακτικό Προσωπικό
Aikaterini Lazou Εργαστηριακό Διδακτικό Προσωπικό
Nikolaos Magklaveras Professor
Vasileia Paschaloudi Εργαστηριακό Διδακτικό Προσωπικό
Georgios Charalampidis Ειδικό Τεχνικό Εργαστηριακό Προσωπικό
Ioanna Chouvarda Associate Professor


Secretariat of the School of Medicine


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