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Programme of study

PPS "Applied Nutrition and Health Promotion"

The Postgraduate Studies in "Applied Nutrition and Health Promotion" offer a two-arm specialization in either Clinical Nutrition or Public Health Nutrition and has a duration of 3 semesters. The PG program offers an in-depth theoretical training of its students and aims to their active and multifaceted participation in the field of Nutrition. Moreover, practical applications in research and clinical practice are being offered, together with a focus on how to best conduct research and be engaged in scientific writing. Overall, in addition to high quality scientific knowledge offered during the duration of the PG program, postgraduate students acquire the ability: • to apply acquired knowledge to everyday practice, • to systematically search, analyze and synthesize data using appropriate methodology and technology, • to be competent to work both individually, as well as in teams within a multidisciplinary scientific environment, • to adjust to new situations and take decisions, • to comprehend complex information in the field of medical/clinical nutrition and nutritional epidemiology and public health, • to produce novel ideas and add to the scientific knowledge, • to show responsibility and meet deadlines, • to develop a critical thinking and to promote a free, productive and inductive thought.

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