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Programme of study

PPS “Maternal Fetal Medicine”

The subject of the Program of Postgraduate Studies "Maternal Fetal Medicine» of the School of Medicine of AUTH is the study, research and provision of postgraduate education to health professionals related to the specialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology, in the field of Fetal Medicine. The philosophy of the MPS is to provide postgraduate students with modern knowledge, methods and principles that will enable them to continue their education, as well as to cultivate in them the criticism and creative skills required by a socially and ethically responsible professional activity. The purpose of the postgraduate program is to provide a high scientific level of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Fetal Medicine. Fetal Medicine is an evolving scientific field of medical science that deals with the recognition of predisposing factors, symptoms and complications of pathological conditions during pregnancy, as well as the prevention and treatment of problems that could affect the health of the fetus and the mother’s. Completion of the proposed postgraduate program is not equivalent to obtaining the sub-specialty of Fetal Medicine. The goal of all the factors of operation of the MPS is to ensure the quality and continuous improvement of the curriculum, the educational process and research, and to promote cooperation with related study programs and Centers at home and abroad.

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