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Secretariat of the PPS "Novel methods and technological developments in Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus"

The School of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, designed and offers the Postgraduate Study Program titled: “Novel methods and technological developments in Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus” since 2019. The subject of the Program is the training of all Health Scientists in the treatment of diabetes mellitus and its complications based on all the latest data in all areas. Special emphasis is given to modern pharmacotherapy and modern technology. The purpose of the Program is to cultivate and promote knowledge, application and research in the scientific field of Diabetes Mellitus and to provide postgraduate students with specialized knowledge in order to obtain the necessary supplies for professional and / or for their academic career. In the Postgraduate Study Program, distinguished scientists from abroad and from Greece participate and develop the topics. Study duration: two semesters of compulsory courses, one semester of internship and one semester of Postgraduate Thesis. Selection Procedure: Application submission & Interview Lessons start: October.



Secretariat of the School of Medicine


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