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Erasmus +

The School of Medicine that belongs to the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) is in full cooperation with the Department of European Educational Programs of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the context of Erasmus mobility (incoming and outgoing) for students, faculty members of all levels and staff, and is that way serving one of the basic academic qualities, namely the development of extroversion between the Institutions.

The Erasmus Programs are the following:

Erasmus+ :

  • Is the program by the European Commission for education, training, youth and sport
  • Aims at enhancing skills and employability as well as modernizing educational systems, training and youth in all areas of Lifelong Learning Programs.

The Erasmus+ Program is structured in 3 Key Actions for education, training and youth which are:

  1. Basic Action 1 (KA1 / ND1): Learning Mobility of Individuals
  2. Key Action 2 (CA2 / ND2): Co-operation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices
  3. Key Action 3 (KA3 / ND3): Support for Policy Reform

The State Scholarship Foundation (IKY) is the National Erasmus+ Management Unit.

During the past 25 years, the Erasmus Program is being funded by the EU and thanks to this, more than 3 million students from European countries have completed part of their studies at another University Institution within Europe.

Nowadays the Erasmus+ Program has a strong international dimension between 28 Member States, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, FYROM and Turkey, offering new opportunities to students and staff coming from all over the world.

The objectives of Erasmus+ International Dimension are:

  • The international visibility of European Universities.
  • The attraction of third world country nationals to Europe - a high quality educational center.
  • The improvement of qualifications and skills, acquiring "European" experience in education, research and work.
  • The promotion of dialogue and understanding between peoples and cultures.



The ERASMUS MUNDUS Program promotes the mobility between University Institutions from countries inside and outside the European Union (EU).

This includes two actions:


Action 1: Joint Postgraduate Programmes


They are comprehensive International Curricula of high level 60, 90 or 120 credits (1 to 3 years) providing  ECTS implemented by International Groups of Higher Education Institutions as appropriate by other teachers and / or non-training partner organizations with particular experience and interest in the fields studies / occupational fields covered from the joint Program.


Action 2: Travel Programs to specific geographical areas


These are mobility Programs for students, post-doctoral researchers and staff (academic and research) to specific geographical areas. The Programs operate in the form of University/ Institutions partnerships. Movements are carried out for a limited time by institutions from within EU to non-EU institutions and vice versa.

Participants in the program receive a grant and have their travel expenses and private insurance reimbursed.


The Assembly of the Department of Medicine, under its protocol number 15 / 13-6-2017, defined as coordinators of the individual categories of Erasmus Program the following stuff members:


Erasmus+ Coordinator for Outgoing Students (of all three cycles of study): Evangelia Spandou, Professor, (can be contacted Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 to 12:30).


Erasmus+ Coordinator for Incoming Students (of all three cycles of study): Asimoula Gali, Professor.


Erasmus+ International Coordinator for Outgoing and Incoming students (of all three cycles of study): Ioannis Tsinopoulos, Assistant Professor.


Erasmus+ Co-ordinator Practical Exercise for Outgoing and Incoming students (of all three cycles of study): Maria Daoudaki, Associate Professor.


Erasmus+ Coordinator for the Staff Mobility (Teachers and Administrators) for Outgoing and Incoming: Kosmas Sarafidis, Associate Professor.


For more information on the submission dates of the reports and contact details of the individual Agreements, please visit the website of the European Educational Programs:


Secretariat of the School of Medicine


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