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Assessment of IgE-mediated food allergies in children with atopic dermatitis.

TitleAssessment of IgE-mediated food allergies in children with atopic dermatitis.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsMavroudi, A., Karagiannidou A., Xinias I., Cassimos D., Karantaglis N., Farmaki E., Imvrios G., Fotoulaki M., Eboriadou M., & Tsanakas J.
JournalAllergol Immunopathol (Madr)
Date Published2017 Jan - Feb
KeywordsAdministration, Oral, Allergens, Child, Dermatitis, Atopic, Disease Progression, Egg Proteins, Eosinophils, Female, Food Hypersensitivity, Greece, Humans, Immunization, Immunoglobulin E, Infant, Male, Milk Proteins, Prevalence

BACKGROUND: Atopic dermatitis (AD) is an inflammatory disease of the skin, which is characterised by a chronic relapsing course.AIM: The aim of the study was to assign the prevalence of clinically active food allergies among a group of children between 3 months and 7 years of age, with AD.METHODS: Eighty-eight children with AD were screened for specific IgE antibodies to food proteins. All patients with AD and specific IgE antibodies to food proteins were subjected to Oral Food Challenges (OFCs) with the relevant foods.RESULTS: Food-sensitised patients with moderate levels of sIgE had clinically active food allergy to milk (39.28%) and egg (42.34%) on the basis of positive OFCs. High IgE and eosinophilia had a prevalence of almost 80% and 25%, regardless of concomitant food sensitisation and disease severity.CONCLUSIONS: In this study, clinically active food allergies were recognised in 26.13% of children with AD. Nevertheless, no association was confirmed between food sensitisation and AD severity. High IgE and peripheral eosinophilia have not been found more prevalent among children with severe AD nor among children with food sensitisation. Infants and younger children with AD should be screened for an underlying food allergy, regardless of disease severity.

Alternate JournalAllergol Immunopathol (Madr)
PubMed ID27717723


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