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An unusual case of a glottic carcinoma metastasis to the tracheal lumen.

TitleAn unusual case of a glottic carcinoma metastasis to the tracheal lumen.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsBlioskas, S., Karkos P., Konstantinidis I., Chatzopoulos K., Psillas G., Chytiroglou P., & Markou K.
Date Published2018

Various mechanisms such as second primary lesion, tumour seeding or lymphogenous and haematogenous metastasis could be proposed to explain the nature of dual malignant lesions. We report the case of a glottic laryngeal carcinoma combined with a secondary endotracheal tumour. Following the imaging modalities, the patient underwent total laryngectomy and wide excision of the trachea. Histopathology ultimately established that the tracheal lesion was a metastatic tumour secondary to regional lymphatic spread of the glottic tumour. To our knowledge, there is no previous report in the English literature concerning tracheal lymphogenous metastatic involvement in the context of laryngeal malignancy. Paradoxical lymphatic spread must always remain an issue of head and neck oncology.

Alternate JournalEcancermedicalscience
PubMed ID30079108
PubMed Central IDPMC6057660


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