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Comparing Ligasure Exact dissector with other energy devices in total thyroidectomy: a pilot study.

TitleComparing Ligasure Exact dissector with other energy devices in total thyroidectomy: a pilot study.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsPapavramidis, T. S., Pliakos I., Chorti A., Panidis S., Kotsovolis G., Stelmach V., Koutsoumparis D., Bakkar S., & Michalopoulos A.
JournalGland Surg
Date Published2020 Apr

Background: Hemostasis is fundamental in thyroid surgery. The aim of this randomized active comparator-controlled study was to compare the effectiveness of Ligasure Exact to previously existing sealing devices in patients undergoing thyroidectomy.
Methods: A total of 180 patients were randomly allocated into 4 groups according to the hemostatic device used: Focus Harmonic Scalpel (FHS), Ligasure Small Jaw (LSJ), Thunderbeat (TB), and Ligasure Exact (LE). We recorded epidemiologic and biochemical data, operative difficulty, postoperative vocal alteration and pain, complications, operating time, grams of gland excised per minute, and hospitalization.
Results: Differences (P<0.001) were observed concerning duration of surgery, operative difficulty and quantity of gland removed per minute. Concerning duration of surgery it is shorter for LE followed by TB and then by both FHS and LSJ. Concerning the quantity of thyroid removed per minute LE leads, followed by FHS and TB. The least amount of gland removed per minute is by LSJ. Finally, operative difficulty was less for LE, while it was equal for all other three devices.
Conclusions: Energy devices are now frequently used in thyroidectomy. Comparing these devices seems to qualify them as equal concerning post-operative complications, hemostasis, and acute inflammatory reaction. However, Ligasure Exact Dissector seems to have better results concerning duration of surgery, quantity of thyroid tissue removed per minute and intraoperative difficulty.

Alternate JournalGland Surg
PubMed ID32420251
PubMed Central IDPMC7225447


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