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Spermatic vein aneurysm: a report of a unique case and review of the literature.

TitleSpermatic vein aneurysm: a report of a unique case and review of the literature.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsSapalidis, K., Tsopouridou K., Florou M., Hytiroglou P., Munteanu A. Claudiu, Surlin V., Pavlidis E., Kesisoglou I., & Popescu C.
JournalRom J Morphol Embryol
Date Published2019
KeywordsAneurysm, Humans, Male, Spermatic Cord, Thrombosis, Ultrasonography, Veins, Young Adult

A spermatic vessel aneurysm is a rare entity, described only a few times in the literature. In most cases, it is caused by trauma or inflammation and appears as a painful mass in the scrotum or the inguinal area. We present a case of a 22-year-old man who came to our Surgical Department with a painful, palpable mass in the right inguinal area. A spermatic vein aneurysm was diagnosed with the use of ultrasonography and it was surgically excised. The findings were confirmed by pathological examination. The patient is well, four months after surgery. A spermatic vessel aneurysm, though rare, should always be included in the differential diagnosis of a scrotal or inguinal mass. The lesion can be cured by surgical resection.

Alternate JournalRom J Morphol Embryol
PubMed ID31912121


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