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Heterotopic mesenteric ossification of ileostomy - "intraabdominal myositis ossificans".

TitleHeterotopic mesenteric ossification of ileostomy - "intraabdominal myositis ossificans".
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSapalidis, K., Strati T. Marina, Liavas L., Kotidis E., Koletsa T., Tsiompanou F., Kanellos I., & Albu D. Florin
JournalRom J Morphol Embryol
Date Published2016
KeywordsAged, 80 and over, Bone and Bones, Fibroblasts, Humans, Ileostomy, Ileum, Male, Mesentery, Myositis Ossificans, Ossification, Heterotopic

UNLABELLED: Heterotopic mesenteric ossification is a rare clinical entity with less than 40 reported cases. Moreover, heterotopic mesenteric ossification around a stoma is described in fewer cases.
CASE PRESENTATION: An 81-year-old male patient, who underwent a sigmoidectomy two years ago for a sigmoid colon cancer, was admitted in our Department in order to be investigated for a local recurrence of his disease. Because of unresectable pelvic lesions, the patient was taken in the operating room for a palliative double barrel ileostomy. The patient presented two weeks after the ileostomy clinical signs suggesting its obstruction. A revision of the ileostomy is performed. Macroscopically, the end part of the ileostomy was inflamed and resected. Histological findings revealed heterotopic ossification of the mesentery.
CONCLUSIONS: The surgeon should be alert to the possibility of heterotopic ossification, especially within a previously operated wound and be prepared for the difficulties it may cause during reopening of an incision, during the operation itself, at closure of the wound and, if not removed, also in the postoperative setting.

Alternate JournalRom J Morphol Embryol
PubMed ID27151721


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