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Unusual findings in inguinal hernia surgery: report of 6 rare cases.

TitleUnusual findings in inguinal hernia surgery: report of 6 rare cases.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsBallas, K., Kontoulis T., Skouras C., Triantafyllou A., Symeonidis N., Pavlidis T., Marakis G., & Sakadamis A.
Date Published2009 Jul

BACKGROUND AND AIM: To present our experience with unexpected findings during hernia surgery, either unusual hernial contents or pathologic entities, like neoplastic masses, masquerading as a hernia.PATIENTS AND METHODS: We studied retrospectively 856 patients with inguinal hernia who were admitted to our surgical department over a 9-year period. In addition, our study included patients complaining of inguinal protrusion, even without a definitive diagnosis of inguinal hernia upon admission.RESULTS: Five patients presented with unusual hernial contents. Three of them had a vermiform appendix in their sac. Acute appendicitis (Amyands hernia) was found in only one case. One patient had epiploic appendagitis related with a groin hernia. Moreover, an adult woman was diagnosed with ovarian and tubal inguinal hernia. Finally, we report a case of a massive extratesticular intrascrotal lipoma, initially misdiagnosed as a scrotal hernia.CONCLUSION: a hernia surgeon may encounter unexpected intraoperative findings. It is important to be prepared to detect them and apply the appropriate treatment.

Alternate JournalHippokratia
PubMed ID19918306
PubMed Central IDPMC2765295


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