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Radial head replacement with the MoPyC pyrocarbon prosthesis.

TitleRadial head replacement with the MoPyC pyrocarbon prosthesis.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsSarris, I. K., Kyrkos M. J., Galanis N. N., Papavasiliou K. A., Sayegh F. E., & Kapetanos G. A.
JournalJ Shoulder Elbow Surg
Date Published2012 Sep
KeywordsArthroplasty, Replacement, Elbow, Carbon, Elbow Joint, Elbow Prosthesis, Female, Humans, Male, Middle Aged, Prosthesis Design, Radius Fractures

BACKGROUND: Radial head fractures often pose therapeutic dilemmas. We present the early results of patients who underwent radial head replacement with the MoPyC prosthesis (Bioprofile, Tornier, Saint-Ismier, France).MATERIALS AND METHODS: We re-evaluated patients who underwent post-traumatic radial head resection and implantation of the MoPyC prosthesis due to pain and motion restriction. All patients underwent radiographic evaluation. Clinical evaluation was performed using the Broberg-Morrey and the Mayo Elbow Performance Score (MEPS) scales.RESULTS: Thirty-two patients (20 men, 12 women; mean age, 54 years; 22 dominant upper limbs) were evaluated. Twenty had a comminuted radial head fracture (Mason IV, 15; Mason III, 5), 2 from radial head fracture malunion, and 10 had complex elbow injuries (comminuted radial head fractures with ligamentous ruptures with or without coronoid process fractures). Mean follow-up was 27 months (range, 21-46 months). The mean results at the latest follow-up were flexion-extension, 130° (range, 105°-150°); pronation, 74° (range, 60°-80°); and supination, 72° (range, 60°-80°). No laxity was evident during valgus and varus stress tests. Mean grip strength was 96% of the contralateral side. Broberg-Morrey scores were excellent in 33%, good in 44%, and fair in 23%. MEPS results were excellent in 80%, good in 17%, and fair in 3%. There were 6 cases of periprosthetic lucencies or osteolysis of the radius without any clinical signs of loosening.CONCLUSIONS: Radial head replacement with the MoPyC pyrocarbon prosthesis (when performed in carefully selected patients) yields satisfactory results regarding range of motion and function of the elbow joint.

Alternate JournalJ Shoulder Elbow Surg
PubMed ID22342604


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