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Styliani Stampouli

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Γνωστικό αντικείμενο: 


Postgraduate Education

Senior Research Associate, University of Mississippi Medical Center, MS, USA (December 2004 - July 2005)

Nephrology Department, Boston Children’s Hopsital, Harvard University, MA, USA (January 2020 - March 2020)


Σύντομο βιογραφικό: 

Stella Stabouli is Associate Professor of Pediatrics-Pediatric Nephrology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. She received her Medical and Doctoral Degree at the National and Kapodestrial University of Athens, and continued her training in Hypertension and Nephrology at the University of Mississippi Medical Centre and the Nephrology Department of Boston Children’s Hospital in USA. 

She is Vice-President of the the European Society Hypertension working group on Blood Pressure in Children and Adolescents and Board Member of the European Society of Pediatric Nephrology CKD-MBD working group. 

Her research activities aim on hypertension, obesity, and cardiovascular health in the pediatric population with focus on pediatric patients with chronic kidney disease and kidney transplantation. She has authored more than 100 scientific publications with more than 2,000 citations. 


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