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Magdalini Kosta-Tsolaki

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Γνωστικό αντικείμενο: 



Παθολογική Κλινική Νοσοκομείου Βέροιας

Α΄ Νευρολογική Κλινική ΑΠΘ

Α' Ψυχιατρική Κλινκή ΑΠΘ

Γ΄ Νευρολογική Κλινική ΑΠΘ

Νευρολογική Κλινική Φλωρεντίας 1992

Κέντρο Άνοιας Φλωρεντίας 1992

Maudsley London 1993

Κέντρα Άνοιας Λονδίνου 1993

Karolinska University, 1997

Κέντρα Άνοιας Πανεπιστημίου Rennes Γαλλίας 1997

Νευρολογική Κλινική - Τμήμα Γεροντολογικής Κλινικής Πανεπιστημίου Rennes Γαλλίας 1997

Κλινική Φαρμακολογίας Πανεπιστημίου Rennes Γαλλίας 1997

Κέντρο Άνοιας Στοκχόλμης 1997

Κέντρο Άνοιας National Hospital Λονδίνου 1999

Κέντρα Άνοιας Γιοχάνεσμπουργκ 1999

Κέντρο Άνοιας John Hopkins 2002

Πανεπιστήμιο Βοστώνης 2004

Κέντρο Ανοιας Κοπεγχάγης 2016

Νευρολογική Κλινική Izhevsk Ρωσία 2018


Σύντομο βιογραφικό: 

She was born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1954 and she has spent most of her time in Thessaloniki, Greece. She is Professor of Neurology since 2010, Neuropsychiatrist since 1983, and she has worked at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki since 1982 and the 3rd Department of Neurology of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki since 1988. She has been the primary author or co-author for more than 41 Books. She has also, participated with more than 412 abstracts in Greek Conferences, with more than 389 abstracts in English International or European Conferences. She is the first author or co-author in more than 184 paper publications in Greek Journals, and more than 318 in International Journals. Three hundred ninety-three of them are available in her Scopus profile matching an h-index=60, having more than 14000 citations. She has been a reviewer for more than 96 Conferences and Journals. She has organized 27 National Conferences on AD and 6 International. She was one of the three advisory members for 50 doctora theses at the university whom which the 28 are complete. She has created the Greek Alzheimer Association in 1995 and the Greek Federation of Alzheimer.


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