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Unusual malpositioning of hemodialysis catheter into the hepatic veins.

TitleUnusual malpositioning of hemodialysis catheter into the hepatic veins.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsSkandalos, I. K., Angelopoulos A. G., Tsitsios T. A., Souftas V. D., & Michalopoulos A. A.
JournalRen Fail
Date Published2012
KeywordsAged, Aged, 80 and over, Catheters, Indwelling, Equipment Failure, Female, Hepatic Veins, Humans, Renal Dialysis

Malpositioning of long-term hemodialysis catheter is a known complication that may lead to a gradual decline in blood flow. We report two rare catheter malpositions in the hepatic veins in two patients with end-stage renal disease in whom a dialysis catheter was inserted through the left external jugular vein and the right external jugular vein. Because of gradual reduction of catheters' blood flow, an angiography was performed, which confirmed catheters' tip positioning into the hepatic veins. The catheters were replaced in the correct site.

Alternate JournalRen Fail
PubMed ID22994243


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