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BiOasys Group

BiOasys Group

Biomedical Analytics & AI 


Connected Health Technologies  


Systems Medicine


Group Leader: Ioanna Chouvarda, Assistant Professor (, )

Group Members:: Alexandra Kosvyra, Achilleas Chytas, Dimitris Fotopoulos, Giannis Ladakis, Elisavet Koutsiana, 

Collaborators: Eleni Perantoni, Olga Tsave, Evangelis Stalika, Dimitris FIlos

Our main interests include:

  • the development of biomedical data analytic methods & integrated data-driven approaches
  • the exploration of machine learning and AI for health-related predictive models and precision medicine
  • the incorporation of AI in connected health technologies & systems medicine
  • the interplay  of systems medicine with  the daily life data & connected health technologies

Milord : Πλατφόρμα Αξιοποίησης Σύγχρονων Διεπαφών για Κινητικό Έλεγχο και Μάθηση σε Άτομα με Διαταραχές Κινητικότητας 

Παιγνιοποίηση του Κινητικού Ελέγχου και της Κινητικής Μάθησης σε άτομα με κινητικές διαταραχές.


CHESS: Connected Health Early Stage Researcher Support System


H2020 CHAMELEONS: Championing A Multi-Sectoral Education and Learning Experience to Open New Pathways for Doctoral Students 

H2020 INCISIVE: A Multimodal AI-based Toolbox and an Interoperable Health Imaging Repository for the Empowerment of Imaging Analysis related to the Diagnosis, Prediction and Follow-up of Cancer 


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